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Process Communication Model®

At Kasa, we use a tool to make our communications crisp, clear, and more efficient.  The goal is for the message to be heard, received, and processed as you intended it.  And, it’s acted upon appropriately.   The tool is called the Process Communication Model® (PCM®) and is used by NASA, schools, and Fortune 500 companies.  We've found PCM® to be very accurate and very effective, so much so that we have attained certification to train others.  Today, we perform the training both in-house and externally for our customers and partners. Below are a few offerings:

PCM® Training

Key to Me (4 Hours)

This seminar is designed to address and answer several crucial questions in order for the participant to receive the maximum benefit in learning and using the Process Communication Model® in working with and managing others.

  1. What is your personality structure?
  2. How do you view the world - learn and teach others?
  3. What are your character strengths?
  4. What are your motivational needs and how do you arrange to get them met regularly?
  5. What patterns of distress do you enter that sabotage your productivity and the productivity of others?
  6. What is my personal action plan to live a happy, healthy, and productive life, both at home and at work?

Experiencing Excellence (1 Day)

Whereas the Key to Me Seminar focuses on one's self, Experiencing Excellence adds to that by incorporating how to interact with others. Additional items include:

  1. How to Connect effectively with each personality type.
  2. How to Motivate each personality type.
  3. How to Resolve Conflict with each personality type.

PCM® Proficiency (3 Days)

Includes all training from Experiencing Excellence plus:

  1. Using words, gestures, postures, facial expressions, and tones to effectively work with others.
  2. Using the correct communication channels to engage all personality types.
  3. How environment plays a role in effectiveness and productivity.
  4. Preferred interaction styles for all personality types.
  5. Detailed distress sequences for each personality type.
  6. Role-playing and practicing to successfully assess, engage, motivate, and resolve conflict with others.

Assessments Only

  1. Hiring purposes
  2. Existing employees
  3. Webinar with your employees 

Dan Stutterheim and Jenny Johnson are a licensed and certified independent trainers of the Process Communication Model® and all materials related thereto, which are the proprietary rights of Kahler Communications, Inc.  The Kahler name is used by express permission and this person, entity, or firm is otherwise not associated with, nor owned, in whole or part, or controlled or managed by Kahler Communications, Inc. or any of its affiliated companies.

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