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Developing Leaders 

Kevin Kruse, a contributor for Forbes magazine defines leadership as “a process of social influence, which maximizes the efforts of others, towards the achievement of a goal.”

Needless to say, there are many definitions and styles of effective leadership and it cannot truly be defined and generalized into one simple definition – there are too many factors involved to define a great leader that people will respect and follow.

Emotions, Opinions, Values, Respect and so many other things are involved when your goal is to develop the strengths of your work family.

We Encourage the Growth of Our Key People

Kasa Companies believes in the importance of building leadership within our company. We respect the employees we have in key positions enough to encourage them to grow to their full potential, and we continuously talk about ways to do this at regularly scheduled meetings that focus on leadership.

We began this process with our own “Psycho CEO” (see article in this newsletter written by our CEO) and the Executive Team at Kasa because we believe in our people and their talents. We wanted to find a way to encourage them to contribute their ideas and promote creativity that is not bound by rules and authority. 

We desire for our people to feel safe enough to contribute ideas in an open forum that allows them to freely express ideas for improvements to our culture, work and production on every level.

Sharing is Caring

Our Executive Team shares books, articles and thoughts on leadership and meet weekly (as do our individual department teams) to discuss the “topic of the week” either on-site or off-site in a relaxed environment. We are committed to the development of our employees through this valuable process.

Once a month, we all gather together for a leadership luncheon and review different leadership topics for the month. We share a relaxed hour together discussing articles or topics that have been shared within the group.  Our focus is on the continued development of our key employees and the direction of our company values and goals through effective leadership.

We Are Vulnerable – And It’s OK!

At Kasa Companies, we develop the “soft skills” and realize the important role they play both at work and home and everywhere in between.

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