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Have you seen any of those articles promoting Google, Facebook, and Yahoo as the best places to work? The ones where you can take a nap in one of the nap pods; work out in some “ultra” fitness facility; or play Quidditch as a team building exercise during your work day? 

Have you experienced Google envy?

I love my work place. I love the atmosphere. I love the people.

Yep. Working for a huge conglomerate like Google, and playing Quidditch in the afternoon sounds like a lot of fun….but is it going to keep me happy coming to work each day? Is that what it’s really about?


Kasa is a small company. It is family-owned. It has a “family” feel to it. The culture here is designed to encompass respect of self and others. It is common practice of everyone who enters the doors here every day.

Karl Stutterheim, Kasa Companies Founder, & Dan Stutterheim, Kasa Companies CEO

We all know these two guys (Dan Stutterheim, CEO & Karl Stutterheim, founder) personally. We know every person within our walls on a first name basis. Together, we are actively engaged in the daily operations of our business and grow it together, (and have for over 41 years).

We care about each other. We celebrate successes together, and we lift each other up when we experience losses or failures. We tackle our failures as a team and value all suggestions for solutions. In fact, we have regular Kaizen events to find better ways of doing things we’ve been doing all of those 41 years. We are always in a continuous improvement phase.


Our daily operations revolve around four basic behavioral norms:

    • Be Present
    • Speak Your Truth
    • Attend To Safety
    • Be Open To Outcomes

Dan Stutterheim, Kasa Companies CEO, "kicks" off the office tailgate party with an attempt at a paper football fieldgoal

Our senior managers are always available. They are outstanding leaders within the facilities, and are visible to every employee on a daily basis, even if it’s to launch a paper football at our tailgate party!

Our offices are filled with very talented people who are committed to our customers. We contact every customer after every project and request feedback for improvements. We genuinely want to know their perception of their experience with us. We address and act on the feedback we receive. We celebrate the highs and strategize the lows together.

We have the added benefit of working for a company that is fun and entertaining. We work together, and a lot of times, we play together!


Kasa provides employees with several company sponsored events throughout the year.

    • Fall Pumpkin Patch Family Night (complete with a cookout & s’more’s around a campfire)
    • Kasa Golf Tournament
    • Kasa Diamond Classic Softball game
    • Kasa Birthday Party
    • Kasa Run ‘n’ Gun Paintball Tournament
    • Kasa Sporting Clays Tournament
    • Kasa Chili Cook-Off
    • Kasa Beer ‘n’ Brats
    • Kasa Ugly Sweater/Goodie Day
    • Kasa Tips ‘n’ Toes

Annual Kasa Companies Hosted Events

On many occasions we spend a Friday evening together at a local hot-spot unwinding from the week and enjoying each other’s company away from our desks; or forming a team and playing in recreational league in our community. Our former CEO even owns a real western Saloon we can frequent on the weekends, (Sandstone Saloon, Brookville, KS – tell Mike “Hello!”).

We share a lot of laughs on the job and off the job. In fact, laughter is a common occurrence in our buildings, as are smiles and warm greetings.


We have employees who have been with Kasa for many years, and some who are brand new. We employ approximately 190-200 talented individuals.

Jeff Sulsar has been a part of our Kasa family for 29 years. He began as an Engineer at Kasa Controls & Automation, and is currently Vice President of IT & Supply Chain. He expressed that one of his favorite things about working at Kasa is the attention to soft skills (PCM® - dealing with not just the business, but the people inside the business). He says, “No other company I know of works so hard on the soft skills. This helps us to communicate better.”

One of the things our new engineers repeatedly mention is how much they like having their own work space. They are not trapped in a cubicle city. We have offices instead of cubicles.

Jose Velasquez and Adam Casada, two of our newest engineers both stated that the best thing about Kasa is the people! Adam added, “I especially like the way employees are treated as equals at Kasa.”


We come to work every day feeling like we're truly doing something with our day, not just reviewing lines of code or going to meetings. We have the opportunity to learn more about how a business runs by being actively involved in it. We are encouraged to participate, in a way that is suitable to our preferences. Our ideas count…they are heard…they are valued.

Nope. No Google envy here.

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