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Kasa Companies 2016 Newsletter 2

Meeting the Challenges of On-Time Delivery

97%+ On-Time Delivery

In 2013, Kasa Fab, a division of Kasa Companies, Inc. started to see the first signs that there was going to be a battle with on-time delivery.

In early 2014, we knew we had to get in front of this potentially detrimental crisis, partly of our own recognition, but also because our customers were relating their frustration (through regularly conducted customer satisfaction surveys) to us that we were failing them. We knew we had to start focusing harder on solutions to improve our on-time delivery.

Learn how we increased our on-time delivery from 80% to 97%.

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What Is Your Bottleneck?

What is your bottleneck?

Bottlenecks are a point of congestion that result when a process is limited by the amount of volume it can handle. Removing bottlenecks will likely improve your production efficiency. Valuable data gathering features of Konnection software help our customers manage multiple components of an operation through one centralized database, helping to eliminate bottlenecks.

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Eliminate Waiting Waste in Your Paint Process

Eliminate Waiting Waste in Your Paint Process

Standing idle or marking time waiting for instruction, materials or information results in waiting waste.

You pay for all of the time your employees spend waiting. This time is not adding value, therefore, your customers are not going to want to pay for it. Waiting time will come directly from your profit and every bit you can save will go right back into your profit. 

Waste begins long before production starts and is not just limited to production. Managers, buyers and operations personnel should also be part of the focus of waste elimination.

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KTrack Qualifies in Top Six at GEAPS 2016

KTrack Rated Top 6 at GEAPS Idea Exchange

KTrack, a product of Konnection software, was chosen by Milling and Grain as one of the six best ideas presented at 2016 GEAPS Idea Exchange

KTrack Inventory Management provides bin inventory management and traceability with bin graphics for commodity type, volume and grade factors in an easy to see, use and understand format for grain facility operators.

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Find Us on Facebook & Twitter

Find us on Facebook & Twitter

Did you know that Kasa Companies, Kasa Fab and IntelliFinishing can be found on Facebook and Twitter?

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Upcoming Tradeshows - IntelliFinishing

IntelliFinishing Logo

November 16-18, 2016
Las Vegas Convention Center
Las Vegas, NV

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Upcoming Tradeshows - Kasa Controls & Automation

Kasa Controls & Automation

GEAPS North Central Conference 
June 7-9, 2016
Iowa State Center - Scheman Building
Ames, IA

Safety Grain Quality Conference
August 2-4, 2016
Hilton Omaha
Omaha, NE

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 Upcoming Tradeshows - Kasa Fab

Kasa Fab

October 20-21
Kentucky Expo Center
Louisville, KY

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