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April 2011 Newsletter


Kasa Industrial Controls: Finalist for Exporter of the Year!

Kasa Controls
The Kansas International Trade Coordinating Council (KITCC) has selected, Kasa Industrial Controls as a FINALIST for this year's Kansas Exporter of the Year.

Each year, the Governor’s Exporter of the Year Award is presented to a Kansas company for exceptional international marketing success. This award encourages the growth of the state’s international commerce by showcasing successful exporters as role models to the Kansas business community. The recipients are prime examples of how exporting is a significant catalyst for company growth and diversification. Read on for more information on exporter of the year.  



Porcelain Process Tests IntelliFinishing 

IntelliFinishing recently performed a test for a porcelain application for a major appliance manufacturer. What we discovered surprised everyone!

Under normal finishing operations with an IntelliFinishing system, powder rarely comes into contact with the conveyor's moving parts; however an appliance manufacturer wanted assurance that overspray would not adversely affect the maintenance and performance of the conveyor.

We tested the system by putting it through the extremes by spraying powder directly on the conveyor. Take a look at this 16 second videoto see it in action.

porcelain testResults:  Conveyor performed as well or better after being sprayed with porcelain powder. No powder was in the bearings after disassembly.

Conclusion:  Performance and maintenance of the conveyor WAS NOTaffected by the porcelain powder.


 Profits & Quality Improve for Producer of Beef Product

Kasa Industrial Controls recently completed a project to improve OEE(Overall Equipment Effectiveness) for a manufacturer of beef and pork products. Capturing data from disparate equipment, then compiling and analyzing the information with a web-based tool allows the manufacturer to determine overall efficiency of their manufacturing facility.  

 Return on investment was realized more quickly than expected. After oven temperatures were tracked, the company realized that one of the ovens on a shift was being set for a higher temperature than the others, resulting in product shrinkage and waste.

The manufacturer is now able to analyze many facets of their process to spot trends and continually improve their lines.

Would you like more information about how you can improve your plant's performance? Contact Steve Reed at Kasa. 


 IntelliFinishing: Changing the Game in Finishing Systems

IntelliFinishing is really changing how people think about finishing systems. 

Throw out
 the mindset of ONE SPEED and ONE DIRECTION systems. With its unique conveying system, an IntelliFinishing System can have loadbars that move forward and backward, as well as with a variety of speeds.

Here are some highlights from the Paint System Designs we've created:

  • Decreased floor space requirement by 1,200sq. ft.
  • Fit entire Powder Coating system to process 19' part in 2540sq. ft.
  • Designed complete liquid and powder system as one singular system

If you paint large parts, a variety of sizes, or want to conserve floor space and energy, contact IntelliFinishing or call us at 888-886-6363.


Safety Award of Merit for Kasa Fab

On May 10th, Kasa Fab is being recognized at the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association Safety Conference 2011 for companies posting an injury and illness incidence rate that is better than the national rate by 10% or more. With more than 900 days of no lost time for reportable accidents, Kasa Fab considers safety a top priority.



Networking for Manufacturers

Lunch meeting with regional manufacturers. 

When: May 12

Time: 11:15a.m. Networking   

Presentation: 11:45

Where: 418 East Ave. B

Join us for a brief session on Lean Communication. Along with implementing Lean and 5S6S (Kasa has added Safety to our 5S training), we also focus on improving communication by learning how everyone has a preferred communication process.  

If you would like to attend,contact Laura Munsch.   


 Anyone else notice the rising steel prices?

According to the Wall Street Journal article, steelmakers have increased prices for a total increase of 20% to 30% since November. Many manufacturers who use a large amount of steel in their products are increasing prices or plan to increase prices.   

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