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February 2012 Newsletter


How Kasa's HR Director Chose Effectiveness over Fairness

Recently, Kasa had an employee who was struggling with refereecompleting projects and taking the initiative to finish them. “Derek” was not a self-starter or internally motivated. In the past, Kasa’s HR Director Nicci would have used the same approach for any employee she interacted with. She wanted to be fair and treat everyone the same way.  However, using her communication tools learned with Kasa's Process Communication Model (PCM) traing, Nicci was able to interface with Derek in an effective manner unique to him.  By treating him in the way that he wanted to be treated, she was able to make him more productive for himself and for Kasa.  She chose being effective over being fair.  Some of the tools she used are as follows:
1.  Assess:  Nicci was able to assess that Derek’s unique personality was that of a reflector.  Reflectors make up only 10% of the population and have very predictable ways that they engage with others.
2. Connect:  Nicci utilized a PCM tool of connecting with Derek that was uncomfortable to her, but very comfortable to Derek:  she TOLD him what to do.  Reflectors do not initially respond well to questions or fast-paced brainstorming.  So, to connect with him, Nicci focused on telling him what to do, even when she had a question.  Example:  “So, Derek, tell me when…”
3. Motivate:  Finally, Nicci motivated Derek according to his unique needs.  Derek had a need to be given very specific instructions and then left alone to do his work.  Nicci told him 3 specific things to do and then told him to go and be alone to complete them.
Although it took some practice and role-playing with her supervisor, Nicci was able to successfully engage and motivate Derek so that he could be more productive for himself and Kasa.  PCM has been a tool that Kasa uses to make our interactions with others effective.  At Kasa, our goal is to treat you as the unique individual that you are.  Our goal is to be effective, not fair.  If you have any interest in learning more about PCM, you may contact us at 
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Huh? Successful Innovation - Sell Imperfect Product

According to Business Week's article on selling imperfect products (http://www.businessweek.com/innovation/for-successful-innovation-sell-imperfect-products-01252012.html) big upfront development, focus groups, and large R&D budgets have gone by the wayside as companies knowingly roll out imperfect products.


Many companies are realizing that if you wait until your product is "perfect", then your competition may beat you to market. By the time you decide on the best features and ensure they work flawlessly, your potential customers have probably found something else or are no longer interested in what you have to offer.
Steve Jobs stated, "People don't know what they want until you show them." This statement by itself doesn't tell the whole story, though. After you show them, you also have to listen to their feedback and adjust your product accordingly.
This doesn't mean that you should release a shoddy product, it just means that you may not have all of the features you would like to see. As your customers use your product, they will let you know what they like and what they would like to see...as long as you are asking questions and listening.


Do you know of anyone looking for a job?

Due to market growth, we have a number of openings:

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Unlimited Clients and Unlimited Tags

Manufacturers are unlocking the data from the plant floor and getting it to supervisors and upper level systems to assist in the decision-making process. Kasa, using an industrial application server with unlimited and web-based clients and unlimited tags, has created a variety of systems that cover the full spectrum between HMI, SCADA and MES.
Everyone would like to improve efficiency and save money, but often the solution that provides that capability is not feasible or affordable for all of the people who could use the data. Recently, we have been involved with a variety of projects that have implemented a solution that provides users access to reports and information via a web-based platform---meaning no costly user licenses.
One of the reports that most customers like is the ability to review historical minute-by-minute activities and events allowing them to look into the past and see what happened prior to a shutdown.
Another report is allowing a customer to review energy usage and trends to see if they can change any of their behaviors to decrease their energy consumption during peak hours.
Contact Ray Perez, 
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to determine if any of these options would make sense for your organization.     

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