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January 2011 Newsletter


 Stuck Going in the Same Direction at the Same Speed?

man in hamsterIntelliFinishing can Set You FREE!

How? With the finishing system that uses a unique Chainless Power and Free Conveyor.

Watch a short video that demonstrates how parts can move in different directions on independent parts of the conveyor.


KeyDifference: Revolutionary modular conveyance and control technology, which allows individual sections of the conveyor to move independently in both speed and direction throughout the entire system. 

This allows each process area to act independently of the rest of the system for ultimate system flexibility, resulting in optimum quality and throughput



Kasa Companies Enters Joint Venture

Kasa Companies announces a new joint venture with India-based Elektro Anlagen to form Kasa Anlagen, established to deliver market-leading manufacturing improvement capabilities to customers worldwide.


Combining Kasa Companies' and Elektro Anlagen's expertise in quality, premium service and fast response times, Kasa Anlagen better serves global customers by delivering reduced lead times and improved commercial terms and prices.

Read the full press release to learn more about Kasa Anlagen.


 Is Your Company fully Konnected?

Paying for every upgrade, traveling to view and record live data from each facility, trying to get different software and hardware to play nice with each other? Does this sound familiar? With recent advances in technology the face of modern facility automation systems is changing. There is a simple way to solve all of these problems, konnection!



  • Integrates hazmon and automation systems as one
  • View and record live data from anywhere at any time
  • Upgrade all systems from one location
  • Increase system efficiency
  • Run unlimited free web based clients from anywhere

kasa controls

All of this is possible while providing a safer, more efficient work place for your operators. Is your facility ready for an upgrade? Contact Kasa to discuss the endless possibilities!


Visit Kasa at these upcoming Events!

GEAPS Exchange 2011 
When:  February 27- March 1
Where: Portland, Oregon
Booth:  948



Promat Material Handling Expo
When:  March 21- 24
Where: Chicago, IL
Booth:  868


Don't Get Stuck with 
another Dinosaur!


 It's Time to Evolve!

The IntelliFinishing System:

  • Adapts to changes in production
  • Adjusts to process changes
  • Offers flexibility in Lean manufacturing



Kasa Companies:


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