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November 2012 Newsletter


Modern Metals Magazine Features IntelliFinishing 

small_modernmetalsmagazinecoverThe September/October edition of Modern MetalsMagazine featured an article about Caterpillar's modular paint line.Caterpillar wanted to create a lean paint line that addressed the seven points of waste: bad quality, over production, inventory, operator motion, transport, idle time and processing.

After analyzing each step of the company's paint process, Caterpillar's team determined a lean line must have the ability to move in all directions--forward, backward, up and down... Read the complete article.   

X-matrix Helps Kasa Stay on Target 

A couple of years ago, Kasa implemented policy deployment hoshin planning or also known as the X-matrix.The X-matrix is a cascading set of goals with clearly defined and measurable targets (also called stretch goals) that aligns the actions of every department with the company's 3-year strategic goals.

One of the benefits of the X-matrix is that it shows how different priorities and goals interact. Each month, all departments review their department's X-matrix with the rest of the departments. Not hitting a target may be an indicator that the department requires more resources. 

Kasa Fab Adds Pem Setter

pemsettersmallIn response to customers' requests, Kasa Fab has added a pem setter to its list of equipment. The pem setter has the following specifications:

Force range:  Adjustable up to 16,000lbs.
Throat depth: 24"
Stroke length: 0-8.5" adjustable

Contact fabinfo@kasafab.com  if you would like for us to bid on your project.

Recognition or Appreciation?

Former Pepsi CEO, Eric Foss, said, “The defining moment for us as a company was when we began to differentiate between recognition and appreciation…”

At Kasa we've found that the most effective way to build an engaged culture, is to treat others the way THEY want to be treated.  Some want “recognition.”  They thrive when they hear words like “thanks for a job well done.” Others, want to be “recognized” for their commitment and loyalty.  Yet, another individual may want to be shown “appreciation” for who he is as a person, for taking care of people, for being a harmonizer on the team.


goodjobWhat fills your bucket?

>>Do you want to be recognized for the work you do?

>>Do you want to be recognized for your conviction, dedication, commitment?

>>Do you want to be appreciated for who you are?

>>Do you want playful contact?

>>Do you want solitude?

>>Do you want lots of action and excitement?

Learn more about how Kasa uses Process Communication Model® in determining how our employees want to be recognized.


20% Increase in Number of Employees

Tremendous growth at Kasa Companies in the past year has been due to an expanding economy and the addition of IntelliFinishing. 

We are still looking for controls engineers, project managers, site supervisors, welders and brake operators. Visitkasacompanies.com/jobs.  


2012 Upcoming Trade Shows

IntelliFinishing Demonstration
November 12-14, 2012
Las Vegas, NV

KS Agri Business Expo
Kasa Industrial Controls November 13-15, 2012
Wichita, KS 

Grain Elevator and Processing Society
GEAPS Exchange
February 23-26, 2013
Louisville, KY

Join us at FABTECH for thepresentation:  

Technology Advances that Helped Raytheon Design a Finishing System for the 21st Century

Raytheon’s production of military products requires a special process known as CARC paint system (Chemical Agent Resistant Coating). Recently, the IADC (Integrated Air Defense Center), Raytheon's manufacturing facility located in Andover, MA upgraded their manual finishing system. In doing so they had some special requirements: a safer work environment for their employees, reduced energy costs, a small footprint, and traceability as parts moved through the system. Learn how they met their requirements and increased production at Monday's FABTECH session from 8:00am to 10:00am (Running Efficient Liquid Systems).

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