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October 2011 Newsletter 


Salina Journal Features Article on Kasa and IntelliFinishing

picture of Mike Haug and IntelliFinishingKasa Companies, Inc. announced on Monday, September 27th, the Kansas Department of Commerce has awarded Kasa up to $400,000 for expanding and training. We expect to bring up to 20 new engineering jobs to Salina over the next five years. 

IntelliFinishing, a Kasa Companies' entity that focuses on providing turnkey finishing systems to manufacturers launched in November 2010 and is one of the reasons for the expansion. Offering a unique conveyance and control system has changed the world of finishing for manufacturers. Caterpillar, along with IntelliFinishing and its partners, developed the technology as a result of their internal needs to have a finishing system that fits in with the concepts of lean manufacturing process and was more economical to operate. Read the Salina Journal Story.

Benefits of Gemba Walks at Kasa Fab

For more than a year, Kasa Fab's management team has been performing Gemba Walks. The Gemba Walk is a planned walk of the facility that focuses on looking for waste and process improvements. This website provides some items to consider on a Gemba Walk.

The Gemba Walks at Kasa Fab have allowed management to see what obstacles and achievements have occurred at the place where the work occurs. The supervisors and the employees have a voice and are able to give real examples of what goes on during their day. Top management then has an obligation to determine what action should be taken for improvement. We also observe the work flow and how the work is done. 

During these walks safety is always stressed. Many continuous improvement ideas have stemmed from observations and conversations during the gemba walks. For instance, the continued work on the quality escape process, the emphasis on the continuous improvement sheets as the tool to drive improvement activities, the standardization of the information on the boards, and the continued education of the company’s corporate goals. 

These walks also give us an opportunity to observe how the different areas are progressing on their 6S efforts and to give encouragement and ideas for 6S activity. (Kasa Fab has "renamed" the Lean Strategy of 5S to 6S to ensure the importance of Safety in our Lean Strategy.)

Even though we are not Lean consultants, we are always happy to share our experiences with you. Contact us if you would like to learn more about our processes and our continuous improvements.

A Plan for Every Part©

bookEver wish you had a different finishing line for every type of part you have to paint or power coat? Large heavy parts take more time to process than small thin ones. Some parts require additional masking and others don’t. Different chemistry is required for different types of metals… the list seems to be endless. 

IntelliFinishing has presented to a variety of audiences recently and manufacturers are impressed with the “Plan For Every Part©” technology. Each item you process gets the best finish available, just like the system was built specifically for that part. 

Unlike traditional finishing systems where the system is built for your longest or heaviest part, which results in overbaking of other parts; IntelliFinishing's finishing system provides capabilities that are unmatched in the finishing industry.

With conveyors that move load bars of parts at speeds that are based on the parts' unique size and material, an IntelliFinishing system offers capabilities in ONE LINE that would take MULTIPLE LINES for traditional systems. Customers have been amazed at what can be accomplished with layouts that are not limited by a one-way, one-speed conveyor. 

The IntelliFinishing system is not for everyone.

  • Do you finish a variety of sizes of parts?
  • Do you finish parts that are made from different materials?
  • Do your processes for finishing ever change?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then you may want to see how an IntelliFinishing system is rocking the world of finishing.Join us at FABTECH in Chicago.


Food Processor Reduces Data Entry Time and Improves Quality

In business, time is money. In the case of a certain major food processor, the company determined that they needed to find a more time-efficient way to track information from their plant floor. With eight major processing facilities at different locations, they have a lot of data to track. In order to ensure the quality of their products, thousands of data points must be tracked including cooking temperatures, water levels, and product quotas. 

They needed the power to use that information to ensure product quality and increased productivity. 

They needed a full-featured HMI (human machine interface) and SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system to connect all their plants together. 

Link to the Case Study

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