IntelliFinishing – The Most Flexible Finishing Systems in the Industry

IntelliFinishing – The Most Flexible Finishing Systems in the Industry

IntelliFinishing is a complete finishing systems provider. Our key difference is our revolutionary modular conveyor (better than power and free) and smart control technology, which allows individual sections of the conveyor to move independently in both speed and direction throughout the entire system.  This allows each process area; be it wash, coatings, cure or delivery, to act independent of the rest of the system for the ultimate system flexibility to obtain the highest quality and throughput.

Our industrial finishing solution has been used in a variety of manufacturers industries including: agriculture equipment, aerospace, automotive parts, military and defense equipment, and construction equipment. Although IntelliFinishing has been used primarily for metal finishing, it can be used for finishing other products. Whether it is powder coating or liquid coating, IntelliFinishing provides automated systems that will change the way you think about paint lines.

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